Thursday, July 27, 2006


so my new phone came BUT! i was out seeing "little miss sunshine" and missed the fedEx guy!!!

AHHH!!! i'm so obsessed about getting this phone. i'm quite sad now.... maybe tomorrow...

and i'm off!

summer time and the livin's easy! i'm off to galiano island for the weekend; we're talkin sand, surf, and uh.. oh sun!! expect me to be as brown as can be!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

west end girls

so, as the hunt for a new home begins, rudy and i have been seriously considering becoming westenders... there are a ton of really interesting looking (brownstone-esque) buildings that we are going to check out on monday. if all goes well, we'll put our names down on the waiting list, and let the apartment god's do the rest. i'm extremely excited at the prospect of living downtown! Its been far too long since i've been a city girl, and these burbs are killing me! thats what blows me away about vancouver... i've lived in the south granville area for about 2 years and i feel like i live in a suburb! is that an indication of how hip and happening the downtown core is? or, is it an indication of how small vancouver actually is, that 5 minutes over a bridge puts you in no girl's land??

who knows, in 6 months you might catch me strolling down robson in hot shorts, a van dutch hat, stilletto's, and mini-pom in hand! oh oh! and i can't forget my $1800 chloe clutch! jebus...

Friday, July 21, 2006

She's a close talker!

I'm observant... a little too observant at times. and, now that I am back in the working world, and specifically working amoung a group of about 30 people, adapting to quirks, personalities, and ... uh... alright, I'll just come out and say it: annoyances, adapting has been an interesting experience!

since I love my job so much, and am extremely happy to be here, I've decided to let the little things slide. which is a huge accomplishment for someone like me, who can chalk up all of her possible pet peeves in a person within the first 2 minutes of meeting them. don't get me wrong... I am a lover of the masses. and, whether I've watched one too many Seinfeld episodes, or I'm just completely neurotic, I don't know. Its probably a little obsessive compulsive cocktail of column A and column B ... I also acknowledge that this quality of mine isn't the best aspect of my personality ... but good god! sometimes people just get under my skin!!

here's the situation:

2 days ago:

Close Talking Co-Worker (she's my main focal point in the office at the moment): (charges into my office and scares the living shit out of me) "Hi Cassie!!"
(Shocked and stunned) Me: "It's Iris"
CTCW: "Oh Right! You must get that all the time!"
Me: "Nope... not really actually..."
CTWC: "OK!! do you want to give me some money for a birthday cake???"
Me: "uh... ? "
CTCW: "I'm going around asking for change for a birthday cake"
Me: "ok...?"
CTCW: "its everyone's birthday in July so..."
Me: "right."

Yesterday - In general staff meeting, she's sitting beside me, nodding off and falling asleep as our Regional Director is addressing the team. After agenda is exhausted, we dig into the cake that everyone contributed $$ to. I'm raving to a few people around the table about the best cake I've ever had - the Tuxedo cake from Save-On Foods!! I look to my left (where CTCW is sitting) and she's swaying aggressively from side to side and staring at me (think of Mike Myers as the Hyper Hypo from the old SNL skit from years back):

CTCW: (rocking back and forth and side to side) "I knew a guy who worked at the factory where they make those cakes!!"
Me: (Scared) "oh yeah?"
CTCW: "Yup! He made them!!"
Me: (still scared) "cool..."
CTCW: "he'd bring them over to my house, and we'd eat them!"
Me: "nice"
CTCW : "Yup! They were soooo (increases the rocking) goooood (licks her lips)!!"
Me: (Suppressing full body shudder) "ok..."

Today - I'm walking down the hallway leading to our reception area I hear her yell my name from the other end

CTCW : (she stops dead in front of me - somewhat close) "Hi Iris! "
Me: (inches back a smidge) "Hey there"
CTCW : "I'm leaving today - at 12 (pause) I just GOTTA go! I just GOTTA get out of here! I just GOTTA start my weekend early!!! (starts laughing)"
Me: "ok..."
CTCW : "anyway (she's really close to me at this point), I need to send this contract out, can you remind shannon to get it from elaine at 3??"
Me: "Sure (backing away)"
CTCW : (moves closer to me to close the gap that I've made) "Great! so just send it to this address"
Me: (so awkward, so annoyed, she's SO in my personal space) "Ok"
CTCW : (smiles and steps closer) "Great! OK, I'm off, I"m going to go pick sea shells in a lake this weekend, HAHAHA!!"
Me: (walking in the opposite direction as fast as I can without running) "OK! Have a great weekend!"

end scene.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

bloody hell...!

I'm trying to quit coffee - it makes my stomach hurt.

Well I've traded in a sore tummy for drowsy eyes, foggy head, and all around sloth-like lethargy!

Oh, Juan Valdez ... why must you tempt me with your sweet sweet magical energy potion! BLAST!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hellooo NOKIA!

What an awesome Monday; I've had a brilliant morning filled with successful client interaction, the 1st meeting with my very cool new manager, and, best of all - I qualified for a brand new and very fancy Nokia Smart Phone!

Thanks to my blog aficionado - Tanya I found out that a very cool, Toronto based, marketing company called Matchstick. They are looking for bloggers for a new Rogers/Nokia promotion. The whole concept for their campaign is Viral Marketing - very very cool! Tanya gave me all of the contact info over the weekend, and I spoke with Yvonne from Matchstick this morning! After answering a handful of qualifying questions ... ta da! I've got my free phone, and awesome accessories! Thanks a bunch Tanya!!

Yvonne is still looking for bloggers, so check out the info below, and conact her !!

I work for a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick and I’m looking to give away brand new multimedia smart phones to a number of qualified individuals [snip]. Please have a look at the criteria and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I am looking for existing Rogers customers who meet the following criteria:
  • Hosts a popular blog with 400+ hits a day
  • A current Rogers cell phone subscriber (phone only supported with the Rogers network)
  • Between the ages of 22-35
  • Keeps his/ her blog updated on a regular basis with pictures and video
  • Very socially active
We think you will thoroughly enjoy this product and its features, and if you do, we would encourage you to talk about it. If you or someone you know fits these criteria we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Matchstick Inc.

the devil wears orange wedges

So, today was day 1 in my new orange wedges... running to the catch the bus has never been as entertaining! Lets just say my feet were fashionably sliding out the sides my shoes as I was gracefully treking down the street! These shoes are mega hot, but man am I paying the price! Thank god they're totally comfortable otherwise.

Is there an art to the wedge? have our 70's soul sisters been keeping something from their 2000's wanna be daughters?? or am I simply getting worked in ??

Friday, July 14, 2006

Finish the sentence:
1. My ex is... fat. (sorry, its the first thing that came to mind!)

2. I am listening to... a very loud colleague talking on the phone about her ear lobes.

3. Maybe I should... take a nap later - i'm a bit sleepy

4. I love my... life, family, and boyfriend

5. My bestfriend(s)... are missed very much!

6. I don't understand... the rules on how you're supposed to conjugate verbs in French [male, female, positive, negative, post partative.. (?!?!?)]

7. I lost... MY YOGA PANTS!!! brand new! argh..

8. People say... i'm a dreamer - but i'm not the only one!

9. The meaning of my screen name is... my nickname as given to me by my lover, Rudy.

10. Love is... powerful and engulfing!

11. Somewhere, someone is... trying to pronounce my last name, without luck.

12. I will always... love my mother

13. Forever seems... awesome!

14. I never want to... sky dive, hang out with a pack of birds and/or fish, eat sashimi.

15. My mobile phone is... getting to be garbage

16. When I wake up in the morning... i hit snooze way too many times!

17. I get annoyed when... people chew with their mouths open and/or insist on being right ALL the time

18. Parties are... made for dancing!

19. My pet(s) are... coughing up a fur ball at my mother's house in Ontario - oh Pierre, mon petit chow chow!

20. Kisses are the best when... they happen in the sun!

21. Today I... ate a lot of carrots

22. Tomorrow I will... try and haul my hung over ass to yoga - without any yoga pants.

23. I really want... to find my yoga pants.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

turkey lurkey!

i know you're out there. i can see your hits. post a comment, or a rant, or something!! don't simply tease me with your IP address, give me something to chew on!! throw me a fricken bone ! ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006

New digs!

A wise man once told me - if i wanted something to happen, or for my dreams to come true, i had to put it out into the universe and let another amazing soul pick it up and run with it! (or something along those lines)

well, i want something to happen - so here it goes, catch!!

rudy and i are looking to move from our shoebox to something more spacious and inviting!

  • Move date: Sept 30th
  • of course, we can not move to the burbs, or even all that far from a main artery.
  • we are willing to go east (cambie, main, commercial), west (no further than macdonald), north (downtown!!), or south (no further than 24th).
  • north/east facing
  • we're looking for a 2bdrm, or 1 bdrm + den/solarium.
  • 1 bath is fine, 1.5 - 2 would be better.
  • carpet or hardwood - doesn't matter
  • pet-friendly would be ideal, but not a must (we're looking to make some additions to our little posse)
  • unfurnished
  • apt or house
  • a newer building is preferred
  • elevator would be nice
  • balcony and parking are not necessary
  • again, space space space!!
  • and finally, we'd like to keep it under $1200 if possible.

SO! if you or anyone you know is moving, has a friend who is moving, has property, or knows of any stellar places, please send them my way! We are totally stoked to be getting out of our current place, and are really bent on finding a great space.

Your help is much appreciated!!

also, i'm considering hiring an agent to find us a place (to rent) - what are your thoughts/experiences on that? Any suggestions on how to find the perfect apartment?!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


i'm looking for a pilates studio in Vancouver, does anyone have any suggestions?

or maybe a yoga studio that offers decent pilates classes?

its been a long time, shouldn'ta left you... without a dope beat to step to!

so, i've been enjoying summer way too much and haven't really blogged since April! *gasp*

but i'm back! and after reading Tanya's blog about getting a free phone, i'm determined to whore out my blog and get as many hits and free things as possible!!

that said, whats been going on with me? here are some brief (and soon to be expanded upon) notes:

- i went to Mexico for the first time -

  • it was heavenly...
  • i have never been waited on 24/7
  • woken up to screetching (sp?!) parrots
  • fallen asleep to the warm pacific breeze and the sound of the ocean crashing into the beach
  • been harrassed by vendors - talk about customer service!!
  • i got scortched (again, sp!?) and sunburned - then turned as dark as my dark brown bikini
  • drank a lot of tequila (one day only) and then passed out - blech!
  • fell in love a bunch of times, romance is so romantic on a beautiful sunset drenched beach!
  • lost at cribbage too many times to count! grr!
  • thought i was going to die on the flight home from LAX ... (then i came home and started watching "Lost" Hi!! Valium, anyone?!)
  • AND! the best part of the trip (in brief notes) ... i picked up some Spanish! and dirty French swear words! FACHE!!!

- Rudy left for a month to go back to Victoria for his 2nd and final residency at Royal Roads

  • i was sad and lonely, but spent some QT with Lynne, Karl, Nathan, and Zeynep! WHO I LIKE!!
  • for the first 2.5 weeks scared the crap out of myself every night before falling asleep, and every time i came home to an empty apt (obsessively checking for scary things behind doors, in closets, in the washroom, and the like).
  • substituted my boyfriend and roommate for a monkey (you know the one) and pillow (cuddling and such).
  • had a very rambunxious girl's night! yee haww!
  • relished in the boy-free (and fart-free) zone that was my apt!!
  • had fun on skype - its great being able to talk without the echo!!
  • at the end of the 4 weeks, took a very rewarding and exciting trip to Victoria to bring Rudy home, meet his classmates, and tear up the tiles at his end of res bash! (read: i got really hammered on cheap red wine and danced to "foot loose" "mambo no. 5" and "sweet home alabama" to name a few.)

- i found out my sister Erika is having a baby Boy!!

  • his nickname is Pepper
  • and i've felt him kick up a storm in her belly!
  • love it, can't wait till November!

- i won a 12 day all raw challenge, and felt amazing!

  • thanks Rudy!

- i was an extra in a film

  • wow! what an experience!
  • 2 x 14hr days of sitting in the mainframe building, running away from a gun toting disgruntled worker
  • met some uber cool peeps
  • had yummy organic snacks!
  • learned a little bit about the crazy process that is film making!
  • i'll post the link to the film when i get it...

- i made a major career change!

  • i'm now working as a public servant for the Federal Government of Canada! YEEE HAWW!
  • i love it!
  • i decided to leave design (for now) and persue a career with the gov't.
  • i'm feeling much more fulfilled ( i will get into more deets on the new job in future blogs)
  • i get full benefits!
  • Rudy and i have finally decided to call ourselves Common Law (*gasp!*), because...
  • he's now my dependent. jebus! little iris is growing up!

i think that about does it for the brief notes, i'll expand on this and more shortly!!

what's been going on with everyone? how has summer life been treating you?