Wednesday, October 04, 2006


life has been so hectic lately. starting with a whirlwind trip to our nation's capital... a 4 day trip to Ottawa - parliament specifically. i've never felt so patriotic, and proud to be a part of the machine that works for every beautifully complicated person in our beautifully complicated country. it was awesome to be back in ontario, but bizarre to not be in toronto. the air in ottawa was thick with electricity, smog, and heat. there were people on the streets at all times, pubs glowing with jazz, politics, and a tim hortons on every corner. jet lag aside, the trip was fantastic!

then, back to vancouver to prepare for a very gruelling and quite monumental move. rudy and i finally shed our 1 bedroom hell hole and moved right on up to a beautiful 3 bedroom flat right in the heart of the west end. but, right in time for our big move i pulled a muscle in my back, and have been hopped up on muscle relaxants, stretching and advil. its getting a lot better, but the timing couldn't have been worse. i've been walking (hobbling) around like a little old lady, and making sure to bend with my knees. it was a great wake up call tho, and hit home how important health is.
our move was a bit of an ordeal. it took the movers 6 hours from apartment to apartment. the old tenants didn't clean ANYTHING - talk about gross! our building is quite old, and so is the electricity. laptop and pc both got fried as a result, and all the work that wasn't backed up recently made both our lives flash by our eyes. scary shit! luckily, we're able to salvage most of the data on all of the hard drives, but holy fuck... back your work up people!!

aside from work whooping my ass, and a hectic couple weeks, life couldn't be better! i'm stoked for you all to see our new place - it is so so so perfect, and we couldn't be happier! i get to see all my lovely ladies in about a month when i head back to TO for jennie's wedding... my newest little nephew will be born in about 3 weeks!! and my newest pseudo neice or nephew will be born shortly after (can't wait lauren!!), and then both my mom and my bff rayms will be heading back to Van with me to meet all the wonderful peeps who west coast it with me and jam it up on this side of the globe! STOKED!!

so that's me. done - for now ;)


At 10:14 AM, Blogger NetChick said...

Wow, awesome news that you found a great place! Sorry to hear about the move, though... They are never fun.

Hey, hope you guys can make it to the games night this Monday! We'd love to see you both!!

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Iris said...

you've got that right! moving is my least favourite thing to do!

we'd love to come out; we may be doing thanksgiving dinner with rudy's fam on monday, but i'll touch base with you guys on the weekend if we can make it! thanks for thinking of us :)

At 11:48 AM, Blogger NetChick said...

Sounds great! It'd be cool to have you guys there! It's turned into a "Games Night on Holiday Monday & Celebrating Tanya's EI Holiday" now.

Good times!


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