Thursday, October 12, 2006

i broke up with her!

omg! i finally did it! i broke up with my most problematic client! *cue the choir of cherubs singing hallelujah!*


life is .. uh... crazy. my life is crazy right now. absolutely fucking manic. maybe this is part of growing up, but my days zoom by, challenges plop themselves one on top of the other relentlessly. i have little time for myself, friends, family. and what time i do have seems to be stressed out!!! jebus! thankfully, i think the eye of the storm has hit, and will slowly start to pass. i took a big step (for me) today, and 'broke up' with one of my freelance clients. i dont want to get into specifics, but from day 1 she has been problematic and very high maintainance. i, being the non-confrontational-sheepish-wimpola that i am, had a hugely hard time say no, drawing boundaries (and sticking to them) and keeping on top of this client. this is why i need a partner in crime (enter rudy, stage left). he helped me see (after a very emotional client call this morning at the brink of day - she was the emotional one) that i dont need this kind of drama. sing it mary j! no more drama! she's out of my life - hopefully. ugh.. i still have the stink of that dirty call on my skin. blech!

good news:

1. we're still in our amazing place, and i love it love it love it!
2. we went swimming last night! rudy's cousin has a beautiful olypmic size pool in his condo and we went for a frolick and a steam last night! so much fun!! and swimming laps felt really good on my out of shape bod!
3. we had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with rudy's family and some friends! i absolutely LOVE thanksgiving and think that its definitely my favourite holiday! (sorry MJ and Tanya for not making it to your place monday night, it was just such a busy weekend, and we were spending family time on the monday... i'd love to make your next one tho! keep me posted, and email ME not just rudy (he's unreliable with the joint emails) hope you had fun!)
4. my sister is almost due to have her baby! Pepper (his prenatal nickname) is due in 2 weeks, and I can't wait to meet him!
5. i stopped drinking coffee!!! 3 days, no coffee. and i'm good! (altho the 2nd day i went to sleep at 8pm and woke up at 730 am!)
6. its almost home time for me, and i'm stoked to see my family and friends back east. can't wait to shop in TO!! 1 more month!
7... i think thats it!

oh, i need a new computer bad... if you know of anyone who's looking to sell let me know! i'm kinda tight on moolah, so used might be the best for me!



At 5:28 PM, Anonymous netchick said...

Congrats on cutting the drama out, so to speak. I've had to do that on many occasions myself. Although, I do draw lines, and I do make it known when boundaries are crossed, I absolutely refuse to deal with clients who don't respect me or my business. It's a 2 way street, and there's always another client who'll be right around the corner, if you are looking.

You guys were missed last weekend! We'd love to catch up with you 2 for a movie or dinner sometime soon -- That last evening out oh so long ago was a ton of fun!

Hope all is great, and just remember... BREATH! :)

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

You go girl! I think I remember you talking about this client months ago at your birthday party - Congratulations on the 'purge' ... Glad everything's going so well - you deserve it! Cheers!


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