Thursday, August 10, 2006

the chick, the jerk, and the other guy

Ok. So, Night With TV #2 plays out a little something like this:

Rudy: what should we watch tonight?
Iris: Not sure, lets check the listings...
Rudy: ok, we've got austin powers, mission impossible, full house, jeopardy, that shitty dance off show, the other shitty singing show, the shitty rockstar show, and more shitty reality shows...
Iris: how bout the simpsons?
Rudy: Not on the list.

I seriously can not understand how brilliant shows like Arrested Development were CANCELLED for the crap they've got on TV now... It's like all America wants to watch are weirdo backwoods hoochie mamma's named Brandine trying (unsuccessfully) to dance to Britney Spears songs only to be judged by the stereo-typed panel of The British Jerk, The Ethnic Chick, and The Other Guy! SPEAKING OF WHICH!!!!

They should call TV "All of the Washed-Up Has Been's Wanna-Be Come-Back Shows". Do you people realize that BOTH David HASSLEHOFF AND MC HAMMER are JUDGES on reality talent shows?!?!?!? who approved that??? is this bizarro land! have the masses forgotten how much of a joke all of these people are in REAL LIFE? MC Hammer??? DAVID HASSLEHOFFFFF???? I'm shocked and appalled.

it got to a point last night (several times) where I begged Rudy to let me change the channel from the dung that we were watching! I was SO embarrassed and uncomfortable while watching 'American has talent' (or whatever the F its called) and the shitty dance off show. Something about watching these people hopelessly expose themselves to the likes of former/washed-up cliche'd popstars, and have these said popstars give them feedback (both positive and negative)... *shiver* it gave me the heebie jeebies. ("GET OFF THE STAGE!!" "OMG!" "I can't believe this is on TV!!" and so on)

highlight of the evening: 2 seinfeld episodes back to back - again! I should just cancel cable and fork out the cash and buy the seinfeld DVD's...


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Deborah said...

Amen to that, cutie girl!

I liken our thirst for reality TV to the fall of the Roman Empire (seriously), where we delight in the humiliation and pain of others... like global gladiators .. blood blood blood... haven't we evolved at all?

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous netchick said...

Man, 90% of tv is completely crap. Seriously, who thinks up this shit they're shoveling at us?

I only keep cable for the news, which, sadly, is hard to get in recent video transmission via the 'net.


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