Friday, July 14, 2006

Finish the sentence:
1. My ex is... fat. (sorry, its the first thing that came to mind!)

2. I am listening to... a very loud colleague talking on the phone about her ear lobes.

3. Maybe I should... take a nap later - i'm a bit sleepy

4. I love my... life, family, and boyfriend

5. My bestfriend(s)... are missed very much!

6. I don't understand... the rules on how you're supposed to conjugate verbs in French [male, female, positive, negative, post partative.. (?!?!?)]

7. I lost... MY YOGA PANTS!!! brand new! argh..

8. People say... i'm a dreamer - but i'm not the only one!

9. The meaning of my screen name is... my nickname as given to me by my lover, Rudy.

10. Love is... powerful and engulfing!

11. Somewhere, someone is... trying to pronounce my last name, without luck.

12. I will always... love my mother

13. Forever seems... awesome!

14. I never want to... sky dive, hang out with a pack of birds and/or fish, eat sashimi.

15. My mobile phone is... getting to be garbage

16. When I wake up in the morning... i hit snooze way too many times!

17. I get annoyed when... people chew with their mouths open and/or insist on being right ALL the time

18. Parties are... made for dancing!

19. My pet(s) are... coughing up a fur ball at my mother's house in Ontario - oh Pierre, mon petit chow chow!

20. Kisses are the best when... they happen in the sun!

21. Today I... ate a lot of carrots

22. Tomorrow I will... try and haul my hung over ass to yoga - without any yoga pants.

23. I really want... to find my yoga pants.


At 12:44 AM, Anonymous netchick said...

Ha! Great list...

Thanks so much for coming out tonight -- M and I really enjoyed the night out with you guys!

You must come over really soon and enjoy our high-top deck and sunlight in the downtown spectacle we call home!

Cheers! And, for heaven's sake, go and get that Nokia!

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Iris said...

we are so there, and i am so on it!! (getting the phone, that is!)

we had a blast too! thanks for being such a doll!

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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