Friday, July 07, 2006

New digs!

A wise man once told me - if i wanted something to happen, or for my dreams to come true, i had to put it out into the universe and let another amazing soul pick it up and run with it! (or something along those lines)

well, i want something to happen - so here it goes, catch!!

rudy and i are looking to move from our shoebox to something more spacious and inviting!

  • Move date: Sept 30th
  • of course, we can not move to the burbs, or even all that far from a main artery.
  • we are willing to go east (cambie, main, commercial), west (no further than macdonald), north (downtown!!), or south (no further than 24th).
  • north/east facing
  • we're looking for a 2bdrm, or 1 bdrm + den/solarium.
  • 1 bath is fine, 1.5 - 2 would be better.
  • carpet or hardwood - doesn't matter
  • pet-friendly would be ideal, but not a must (we're looking to make some additions to our little posse)
  • unfurnished
  • apt or house
  • a newer building is preferred
  • elevator would be nice
  • balcony and parking are not necessary
  • again, space space space!!
  • and finally, we'd like to keep it under $1200 if possible.

SO! if you or anyone you know is moving, has a friend who is moving, has property, or knows of any stellar places, please send them my way! We are totally stoked to be getting out of our current place, and are really bent on finding a great space.

Your help is much appreciated!!

also, i'm considering hiring an agent to find us a place (to rent) - what are your thoughts/experiences on that? Any suggestions on how to find the perfect apartment?!


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