Friday, July 21, 2006

She's a close talker!

I'm observant... a little too observant at times. and, now that I am back in the working world, and specifically working amoung a group of about 30 people, adapting to quirks, personalities, and ... uh... alright, I'll just come out and say it: annoyances, adapting has been an interesting experience!

since I love my job so much, and am extremely happy to be here, I've decided to let the little things slide. which is a huge accomplishment for someone like me, who can chalk up all of her possible pet peeves in a person within the first 2 minutes of meeting them. don't get me wrong... I am a lover of the masses. and, whether I've watched one too many Seinfeld episodes, or I'm just completely neurotic, I don't know. Its probably a little obsessive compulsive cocktail of column A and column B ... I also acknowledge that this quality of mine isn't the best aspect of my personality ... but good god! sometimes people just get under my skin!!

here's the situation:

2 days ago:

Close Talking Co-Worker (she's my main focal point in the office at the moment): (charges into my office and scares the living shit out of me) "Hi Cassie!!"
(Shocked and stunned) Me: "It's Iris"
CTCW: "Oh Right! You must get that all the time!"
Me: "Nope... not really actually..."
CTWC: "OK!! do you want to give me some money for a birthday cake???"
Me: "uh... ? "
CTCW: "I'm going around asking for change for a birthday cake"
Me: "ok...?"
CTCW: "its everyone's birthday in July so..."
Me: "right."

Yesterday - In general staff meeting, she's sitting beside me, nodding off and falling asleep as our Regional Director is addressing the team. After agenda is exhausted, we dig into the cake that everyone contributed $$ to. I'm raving to a few people around the table about the best cake I've ever had - the Tuxedo cake from Save-On Foods!! I look to my left (where CTCW is sitting) and she's swaying aggressively from side to side and staring at me (think of Mike Myers as the Hyper Hypo from the old SNL skit from years back):

CTCW: (rocking back and forth and side to side) "I knew a guy who worked at the factory where they make those cakes!!"
Me: (Scared) "oh yeah?"
CTCW: "Yup! He made them!!"
Me: (still scared) "cool..."
CTCW: "he'd bring them over to my house, and we'd eat them!"
Me: "nice"
CTCW : "Yup! They were soooo (increases the rocking) goooood (licks her lips)!!"
Me: (Suppressing full body shudder) "ok..."

Today - I'm walking down the hallway leading to our reception area I hear her yell my name from the other end

CTCW : (she stops dead in front of me - somewhat close) "Hi Iris! "
Me: (inches back a smidge) "Hey there"
CTCW : "I'm leaving today - at 12 (pause) I just GOTTA go! I just GOTTA get out of here! I just GOTTA start my weekend early!!! (starts laughing)"
Me: "ok..."
CTCW : "anyway (she's really close to me at this point), I need to send this contract out, can you remind shannon to get it from elaine at 3??"
Me: "Sure (backing away)"
CTCW : (moves closer to me to close the gap that I've made) "Great! so just send it to this address"
Me: (so awkward, so annoyed, she's SO in my personal space) "Ok"
CTCW : (smiles and steps closer) "Great! OK, I'm off, I"m going to go pick sea shells in a lake this weekend, HAHAHA!!"
Me: (walking in the opposite direction as fast as I can without running) "OK! Have a great weekend!"

end scene.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Changeit said...

nice script, keep at it.

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous netchick said...

Good grief. People like that annoy the snot out of me. Poor girl... I hope the Close Talker gets eaten by a giant crab at the seashore.

Have an incredible weekend! Let us know when you are available for an XBox or games night at our place!

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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