Thursday, July 06, 2006

its been a long time, shouldn'ta left you... without a dope beat to step to!

so, i've been enjoying summer way too much and haven't really blogged since April! *gasp*

but i'm back! and after reading Tanya's blog about getting a free phone, i'm determined to whore out my blog and get as many hits and free things as possible!!

that said, whats been going on with me? here are some brief (and soon to be expanded upon) notes:

- i went to Mexico for the first time -

  • it was heavenly...
  • i have never been waited on 24/7
  • woken up to screetching (sp?!) parrots
  • fallen asleep to the warm pacific breeze and the sound of the ocean crashing into the beach
  • been harrassed by vendors - talk about customer service!!
  • i got scortched (again, sp!?) and sunburned - then turned as dark as my dark brown bikini
  • drank a lot of tequila (one day only) and then passed out - blech!
  • fell in love a bunch of times, romance is so romantic on a beautiful sunset drenched beach!
  • lost at cribbage too many times to count! grr!
  • thought i was going to die on the flight home from LAX ... (then i came home and started watching "Lost" Hi!! Valium, anyone?!)
  • AND! the best part of the trip (in brief notes) ... i picked up some Spanish! and dirty French swear words! FACHE!!!

- Rudy left for a month to go back to Victoria for his 2nd and final residency at Royal Roads

  • i was sad and lonely, but spent some QT with Lynne, Karl, Nathan, and Zeynep! WHO I LIKE!!
  • for the first 2.5 weeks scared the crap out of myself every night before falling asleep, and every time i came home to an empty apt (obsessively checking for scary things behind doors, in closets, in the washroom, and the like).
  • substituted my boyfriend and roommate for a monkey (you know the one) and pillow (cuddling and such).
  • had a very rambunxious girl's night! yee haww!
  • relished in the boy-free (and fart-free) zone that was my apt!!
  • had fun on skype - its great being able to talk without the echo!!
  • at the end of the 4 weeks, took a very rewarding and exciting trip to Victoria to bring Rudy home, meet his classmates, and tear up the tiles at his end of res bash! (read: i got really hammered on cheap red wine and danced to "foot loose" "mambo no. 5" and "sweet home alabama" to name a few.)

- i found out my sister Erika is having a baby Boy!!

  • his nickname is Pepper
  • and i've felt him kick up a storm in her belly!
  • love it, can't wait till November!

- i won a 12 day all raw challenge, and felt amazing!

  • thanks Rudy!

- i was an extra in a film

  • wow! what an experience!
  • 2 x 14hr days of sitting in the mainframe building, running away from a gun toting disgruntled worker
  • met some uber cool peeps
  • had yummy organic snacks!
  • learned a little bit about the crazy process that is film making!
  • i'll post the link to the film when i get it...

- i made a major career change!

  • i'm now working as a public servant for the Federal Government of Canada! YEEE HAWW!
  • i love it!
  • i decided to leave design (for now) and persue a career with the gov't.
  • i'm feeling much more fulfilled ( i will get into more deets on the new job in future blogs)
  • i get full benefits!
  • Rudy and i have finally decided to call ourselves Common Law (*gasp!*), because...
  • he's now my dependent. jebus! little iris is growing up!

i think that about does it for the brief notes, i'll expand on this and more shortly!!

what's been going on with everyone? how has summer life been treating you?


At 1:19 PM, Blogger MJ said...

Awesome post! Sorry for the lurking, there's just so many cool things happening in your life I was overwhelmed reading it all...

Mexico... oooh, now I wanna see it.

Who can't like Nathan and Zeynep! Ok, Zeynep anyway ;)

Subsituting Rudy for a monkey... hmmm... yes! I can see that! ;)

Congrats on the new job! Congrats to Rudy for his school career, awesome!

Ok, there's so many cool things with you, we all should get together. Totally.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger MJ said...

Oooh and the part about falling in love again and again... awwwwwwwwww! Love it!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Iris said...

hehe, thanks MJ! life has been really fun lately - definitely enjoying it! sorry for bossing you into leaving a comment - but Tanya's new fricken phone is haunting me!! i must make this place hip and happenin!! :P!


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