Thursday, December 28, 2006

adios, mi amiga

Around this time of year, in the lull between the frenzy of Christmas and the debauchery of New Years, I often indulge in remembering what my life was like throughout the year closing, and, 2006 was definitely a doozie!

This past year has challenged me, rewarded me, saddened me, enlightened me, and loved me beyond words. It feels like only a blink of an eye ago Rudy and I were making our way through orange county, both sick and in bed for most of the trip - while having cold stone ice cream with friends as many times as humanly possible! All of the sudden an entire year has come and gone, and its pretty freaky! Remember when as a kid, time was your worst enemy? It took foreverrrr until school let out for summer, then it took foreverrrrr for school to come back so you could hang with your friends! Class periods took foreverrrrrr to end so that you could run to the caf and watch your hunky crush from a far .. and now, as each year passes they pass with a vengeance! They zoom by you so quickly its as tho they were never even there..

My life has come (almost) full circle. If there's one thing that this year has taught me, its that though I thrive off it, I'm not the best while dealing with change. After 3 years of living in Vancouver, I finally feel at home. After almost 3 years of being with an amazing amazing person, I finally feel at peace with our beautiful relationship, and confident in letting someone in. I've gone from entrepreneur to public servant. I've actualized a few very substantial personal goals, and the feeling that brings is monumental! I finally feel like I've gained a really healthy perspective on what I want, where I want to be, and who I am. And I really love it, and me! It's funny, as children most of us are taught to be humble, modest, and to not be arrogant. We're (I'm) so conditioned that pride can be dangerous and/or offensive, that we (I) tend to forget to praise ourselves for what good we do (do). I feel like 2007 may be the year where that shifts.

This year has showed me so so much, and really knocked my socks off! I saw the wonders of wild BC first hand - camping on a rocky beach in the Harrison Hot Springs with nothing but a bikini and a shovel (eek!)... I watched my first girlfriend walk down the aisle, and was in awe of just how beautiful my loved ones are, and how my heart sings when I'm with them.. I held my newest nephew just 10 hrs after he came into this world. Its amazing that one day that little boy will grow to be tall, strong, smart, loving, and successful .. I can't wait to hold his hand through out that! I watched the sun set over the pacific ocean in Mexico, while etching my worries out in the sand and letting the ocean sweep them away.. I've decided to take my Masters Degree (!!!) and am SO stoked to be doing that! I'm also learning guitar! Who knew?! I found the most beautiful apartment, and have finally found a place to call home in Vancouver - and have already held some dangerous parties (yowza!) .. I met so many beautiful and inspiring people, and am super honoured to have done so.. and, again, this year I fell in love over and over again .. (sigh..)

This year was radical, and what's awesome is that each year just keeps getting better and better. As I fondly bid farewell to 2006, I welcome 2007 with open arms ..


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous netchick said...

Awesome to hear! I'm so happy to have met you and R, this year. This year has brought so many wonderful things for me, as well as taught me a great deal.

And, your master's degree!? You GO GIRL! That's awesome.

We definitely need to catch up soon. What are you guys doing for New Years?

You guys inspire me... Thanks for sharing your wonderful year here.


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