Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get down on it!

so, over the last couple of months some funny and strange things have been happening in the middle of the night, while i'm sleeping. it started out with simple sleep talk - random jibberish that i started to babble to poor little sleeping Rudy and to no one in particular. it then went to me waving at people in my sleep and saying 'hi!' and such.

from sleep talking i journeyed to sleep walking. i ended up waking up in the middle of our living room one night a few weeks ago strong in my resolve that i was in the wrong bed. i remember thinking that i was in the wrong bed with 2 other people, and i just had to get the hell out of there asap!

after that came the night where for no reason i jolted up, eyes open, and began shaking Rudy awake asking him if there was anyone else in our bed. that, no doubt, scared the shit out of him, and he checked around (kinda scared that there might actually BE someone else in our bed) and told me no, there wasn't. i then started to go back to sleep and told him to do the same!

well.. if all of that wasn't odd enough... last night apparently takes the cake... my poor freaked out boyfriend was woken up - yet again, by me, in the middle of the night... only this time, i was snapping my fingers to some jazzy beat that only i could hear - and i was completely asleep. he said that i must have been doing it for some time because it was loud and long enough to wake him up. he was waiting for me to start talking, but all i was doing was jammin in my head!

i don't know what's happening in the middle of the night.. but i'm seriously tempted to set up a cam or something... either Rudy is totally pulling my leg, or something funky is happening in my dreams...


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