Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get down on it!

so, over the last couple of months some funny and strange things have been happening in the middle of the night, while i'm sleeping. it started out with simple sleep talk - random jibberish that i started to babble to poor little sleeping Rudy and to no one in particular. it then went to me waving at people in my sleep and saying 'hi!' and such.

from sleep talking i journeyed to sleep walking. i ended up waking up in the middle of our living room one night a few weeks ago strong in my resolve that i was in the wrong bed. i remember thinking that i was in the wrong bed with 2 other people, and i just had to get the hell out of there asap!

after that came the night where for no reason i jolted up, eyes open, and began shaking Rudy awake asking him if there was anyone else in our bed. that, no doubt, scared the shit out of him, and he checked around (kinda scared that there might actually BE someone else in our bed) and told me no, there wasn't. i then started to go back to sleep and told him to do the same!

well.. if all of that wasn't odd enough... last night apparently takes the cake... my poor freaked out boyfriend was woken up - yet again, by me, in the middle of the night... only this time, i was snapping my fingers to some jazzy beat that only i could hear - and i was completely asleep. he said that i must have been doing it for some time because it was loud and long enough to wake him up. he was waiting for me to start talking, but all i was doing was jammin in my head!

i don't know what's happening in the middle of the night.. but i'm seriously tempted to set up a cam or something... either Rudy is totally pulling my leg, or something funky is happening in my dreams...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

the chick, the jerk, and the other guy

Ok. So, Night With TV #2 plays out a little something like this:

Rudy: what should we watch tonight?
Iris: Not sure, lets check the listings...
Rudy: ok, we've got austin powers, mission impossible, full house, jeopardy, that shitty dance off show, the other shitty singing show, the shitty rockstar show, and more shitty reality shows...
Iris: how bout the simpsons?
Rudy: Not on the list.

I seriously can not understand how brilliant shows like Arrested Development were CANCELLED for the crap they've got on TV now... It's like all America wants to watch are weirdo backwoods hoochie mamma's named Brandine trying (unsuccessfully) to dance to Britney Spears songs only to be judged by the stereo-typed panel of The British Jerk, The Ethnic Chick, and The Other Guy! SPEAKING OF WHICH!!!!

They should call TV "All of the Washed-Up Has Been's Wanna-Be Come-Back Shows". Do you people realize that BOTH David HASSLEHOFF AND MC HAMMER are JUDGES on reality talent shows?!?!?!? who approved that??? is this bizarro land! have the masses forgotten how much of a joke all of these people are in REAL LIFE? MC Hammer??? DAVID HASSLEHOFFFFF???? I'm shocked and appalled.

it got to a point last night (several times) where I begged Rudy to let me change the channel from the dung that we were watching! I was SO embarrassed and uncomfortable while watching 'American has talent' (or whatever the F its called) and the shitty dance off show. Something about watching these people hopelessly expose themselves to the likes of former/washed-up cliche'd popstars, and have these said popstars give them feedback (both positive and negative)... *shiver* it gave me the heebie jeebies. ("GET OFF THE STAGE!!" "OMG!" "I can't believe this is on TV!!" and so on)

highlight of the evening: 2 seinfeld episodes back to back - again! I should just cancel cable and fork out the cash and buy the seinfeld DVD's...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

what's the deal with cable?

last night was our first night with cable! what an experience! we watched a plethora of shit - from the weird/lame dancing competition/american idol-like dance off shows on much music, to the city confidential-esque murder mystery shows on the network stations, to the classic movies (a la 3 amigos), and probably the most annoying aspect of tv: full house re-runs! we were saturated with junk! wow! and don't even get me started on the commercials! more than once Rudy and I looked at each other and said 'what have we gotten ourselves into!?'

the highlight of the evening was watching 2 seinfeld episodes back to back followed by a fresh new episode of the daily show! maybe tv's not all that bad after all...?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally got my phone!

Its absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love love LOVE my new phone! Took it away with me for the long weekend (post to follow...) and it took AMAZING pics, has a soothing alarm tone, and of course has my favourite Nokia ring! i love it!

stay tuned for pics and more updates!

check out Yvonne's blog for details about how you can get the phone!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm looking for:

Got it? Wanna sell it? Know someone else who wants to sell it? Let me know!
  • MP3 Player - Nano, Ipod, 1 gig or 2... new? used? my MP3 player is busted and I need tunes!!
  • Bicycle - London Drugs had a sale on for an 18 spd mountain bike at $79 bucks/pop! I missed out and am kicking myself. I am will to spend more than $79, but if its cheap and runs well, i likes it!
  • An apartment in the West End - Rudy and I are moving (See "New Digs") and we're looking in the West End. Got a place? Know someone who's moving? We are looking for an Oct 1 move in.
  • A kitten and/or puppy - must be young, we want to train it to go for runs with us! "cute as can be" is a definite asset!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We're biting the bullet...

So, after years of fighting the system, Rudy and I are giving up... we're ordering cable.

It seems like all my life I've been denied the right to watch TV. As a kid I was always banned from TV and if I was allowed to watch it, it was always monitored in some way. I developed into a (pseudo) latch-key kid, and TV became a really great friend of mine.

Seasons and seasons went by, and watching the goings on in the New York apartments of Seinfeld, Friends, Seattle's Frasier, and of course 732 Evergreen Terrace was my life. I memorized episodes, became mezmorized with character arcs (pfft!), and did what kids these days call geeking out.Thanks to TV I can make small talk at parties, nerd out and quote random lines from various shows, as well, do fancy dance moves like the robot or the running man.

You'd think that with such a strong hertiage with TV I would be more excited to actually have it back in my life again... but I don't and I'm not.

You see... some years ago my friend TV and I had a falling out. I was a starving student, and TV decided to become expensive. I turned to pirating, and TV just found new people to make friends with... people who could afford TV's sweet sweet loving...

I've decided to try and re-kindle the love affair. I'm ramping up for my new favourite shows - LOST!!!!!! and others - to start up again in the Fall, and TV and I will be ready for all of the passion, obsession, and heartbreak!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

yay for flickr!

just spent the last 2.5 hrs resizing, naming, sorting, trashing, and uploading pics to my new flickr account. have yet to actually tag them in my flickr album, so bear with me, and make assumptions gallore about who and what you are seeing ;)