Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We're biting the bullet...

So, after years of fighting the system, Rudy and I are giving up... we're ordering cable.

It seems like all my life I've been denied the right to watch TV. As a kid I was always banned from TV and if I was allowed to watch it, it was always monitored in some way. I developed into a (pseudo) latch-key kid, and TV became a really great friend of mine.

Seasons and seasons went by, and watching the goings on in the New York apartments of Seinfeld, Friends, Seattle's Frasier, and of course 732 Evergreen Terrace was my life. I memorized episodes, became mezmorized with character arcs (pfft!), and did what kids these days call geeking out.Thanks to TV I can make small talk at parties, nerd out and quote random lines from various shows, as well, do fancy dance moves like the robot or the running man.

You'd think that with such a strong hertiage with TV I would be more excited to actually have it back in my life again... but I don't and I'm not.

You see... some years ago my friend TV and I had a falling out. I was a starving student, and TV decided to become expensive. I turned to pirating, and TV just found new people to make friends with... people who could afford TV's sweet sweet loving...

I've decided to try and re-kindle the love affair. I'm ramping up for my new favourite shows - LOST!!!!!! and others - to start up again in the Fall, and TV and I will be ready for all of the passion, obsession, and heartbreak!


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