Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm looking for:

Got it? Wanna sell it? Know someone else who wants to sell it? Let me know!
  • MP3 Player - Nano, Ipod, 1 gig or 2... new? used? my MP3 player is busted and I need tunes!!
  • Bicycle - London Drugs had a sale on for an 18 spd mountain bike at $79 bucks/pop! I missed out and am kicking myself. I am will to spend more than $79, but if its cheap and runs well, i likes it!
  • An apartment in the West End - Rudy and I are moving (See "New Digs") and we're looking in the West End. Got a place? Know someone who's moving? We are looking for an Oct 1 move in.
  • A kitten and/or puppy - must be young, we want to train it to go for runs with us! "cute as can be" is a definite asset!


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