Tuesday, April 18, 2006

mischief managed; so long 25!

the years leading up to me turning 25 were all great in their own little ways. each exciting, scary, funny, memorable, etc etc. what they all had in common was the fear that i had of actually turning 25. to me, it was the age of no return. being 25 meant losing all rights to chaos, frivolity, and unabashed recklessness! then i turned 25.

in the last year of my life i have:
  • fallen in love (over and over again)
  • left my ball and chain of a dead end job
  • become an 'entreprenuer' ( i put that word in quote because i dont even know how to spell it)
  • taken up a beautiful and healthy lifestyle
  • debated darth vader's emotional attachment to luke and leia
  • danced a turkish jig, a regular jig, and a drunken falling over jig at numerous parties
  • learned an enormous amount about who i am and what i believe in
  • supported those i love thru hard times, and always had the support from those i love in hard times
  • rekindled my love affair with reading
  • celebrated my mom's retirement!
  • memorized all of the words to all of the star wars, harry potter, ali g, arrested development, and curb movies, shows, episodes!
  • I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!
  • walked into a church of scientology, alone!! (THANKS A LOT RUDY!!)
  • 'i took a trip to garden grove...'
  • watched my older brother find true love
  • felt my brand new nephew or neice in my sister Erika's belly!
  • got to know my beautiful neices and nephews - especially my special German ones!
  • shared many jolly early mornings at Bon's
  • got licked by a cow! (yich! their tongues feel like wood!)
  • learned how to live, work, and breathe someone for 23 hrs/day 7 days/week in approx 600sq ft - and still be in love with eachother!
  • laughed till i've cried, over and over again
  • cried (hard) at episode 3 (in the theatre, desperately trying not to let lynn, karl, francois, mj, and everyone else see, only to break down in the car after sobbing 'why did he have to turn bad??? why??? ugh!! its so sad that he turned against all of the jedi!! why?!?' etc etc!)
  • watched shooting stars and sattelites on soft sandy beaches with great friends
  • drove up and down the western coast of north america
  • danced with some of my most deadly demons (and fittingly told them to f off.)
  • become bossom buddies with all sorts of wonderful people - and sadly said goodbye to some closest to my heart
  • .. the list goes on and on...

what stands out most to me is a promise that i made at the beginning of this year, to live each day to its fullest! i started my 25th year with this resolve strong in my heart, and now, finishing it today, i really feel like i have seized the day if you will! and what happens when you do seize the day, is that all of the sudden, the year is done, and you're 26. :P

i'm really excited to be here - vancouver, life, with you, etc. i'm more excited to see what the next year brings with it! i am keeping my 25yr old resolve, and adding on another one for 26:
live each day to its fullest while watching those i love be happy, healthy, and successful! there's no greater joy than to be around those that u love, and seeing them happy just puts the (raw) icing on the (raw) cake!

25 was a great year, and I'm sad to see it go...

4 more years till i'm 30!! good god! HELLOOO 26!!!

thanks for being there with me


At 2:45 PM, Blogger WhtBuffalo said...

wow.. i have a little tear in my left eye as i listen to "fix you" by "cold play"... its wonderfull, everything is... thanks for making my day Iris. What you said is so inspiring, and im going to take a page out of your book, i hope you dont mind. O and one last thing... HAPPY 26 BIRTHDAY..


At 3:38 PM, Blogger Iris said...

i would be honoured Francois!! And, it's YOU that is inspiring!!

and coldplay will do it to ya everytime! they sure know how to get us all emotional ;)

can't wait to do some jager bombs with you on friday!!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger WhtBuffalo said...

il be there you know i always am :D

At 8:59 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Hi Iriebaby, I *heart* your list, I could relate to a lot of it (new love an' all) and I remember the discussions after the movie, hehehehehe! What a lovely 25th year.

Can I join you guys in some jagers? I swear we'll be at your party, wild horses couldnt drag me away.

Not, that, um, I'd run across any wild horses in yuppietown, but um, sometimes I see little yuppie dogs on Robson. They're pretty tough-lookin' when they wear their tiny leather jackets or sweaters, but otherwise they cant drag me away either, so I'll be there!

Cheers for a new year and new fun!

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Iris said...

awesome! so stoked you see you guys!!

ps, those robson dogs are seriously tough 'bitches'!!! lol.. don't get caught in a dark alley with them mofo's - they're all 'no mercy to humans!!'

errrr.... :|


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