Thursday, April 13, 2006

enough with the slagging ... errr.. slacking!

alright. i've been lax with the blogging. i do apologize to anyone who gets excited when reading new blogs that i write :P

we're now into week 2 of our 12 week program. that means, only 10 weeks left until we are running a full hour! *GASP!*

today was day 2 of our 2nd week. it was extremely difficult to roll out of our warm, cozy, and inviting bed, but we did it! we went from running 1 minute to 2 mins/rep. 2 minutes, generally, is not that long. but when you go from running for 1min/rep to 2min/rep, 2 minutes is a lifetime! our first day (tuesday) of the 2nd week was reeeeeeaaaaaallly hard! really hard. i felt like i was going to keel over. its amazing how quickly your body becomes accostumed to a habit. every rep at the 1min 10sec mark i would ask rudy how much time we had left - thinking we were almost done. without fail, each rep was '50 seconds!', and 'oh my god... i'm going to die'. lol... thankfully today was much better!!!

one awesome awesome thing that happened on our first run of the week was we had a 3rd running buddy! about 1/4 of the way into our run, we stumbled accross a little curious kitty. this cat came running at us in the opposite direction, and seemed to be happily trotting down the street. well, then all the kitty changed her course and ran ahead of us. it continued to run ahead, and run behind us, until she decided to walk ahead and beside us, as we walked. it was awesome! i wasn't sure if she was intentionally sticking with us, or if we just happened to be on her morning walk path. as we crossed arbutus, she ran into the middle of the road and stopped. we were waiting at the corner for the light to change, and she just stood still and waited for us. it was really cute and really scary at the same time - i was worried she was going to get hit. we joined her and crossed the road and continued on our way!! SO CUTE!

since we run and walk in the mornings, we were thinking we would freak her out once we started running. sure enough, we did. we started our run rep and she spazzed out and took off. i thought we had lost her and was pretty sad... until about 1 min later when i heard a big meow from behind us! i turned around to see where she was and this fricken cat was running down the street after us, meowing all the way!!! we couldn't believe it! unfortunately we were too far ahead of her, and we never met up again. but she definitely made our run really wicked!

this morning - no sign of the kitty.

she did inspire rudy and i into getting a kitten. so, once rudy gets back from res in june, looks like we may be getting a little addition to our posse!!


At 2:12 PM, Blogger MJ said...

awww, thats uuuuber-cute! Knowing kitties, either she was really curious, or was making fun of you guys... cats can be pretty snarky, they've got alot of attitude. Cats are fun, perhaps you can get as many as K&L! Heheheehehehee!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Iris said...

we're going to start our cat harem out slowly, one cute little kitty at a time. i perused the SPCA website.. oh my god... i want to adopt all of the kitties!!
check this out:

At 10:27 AM, Blogger WhtBuffalo said...

ooo i love kitty's! "aw look at the little kitty paws" ;). On a sadder note my friend lost his cat on the weekend because of his sister... she left the door open and the cat ran away..... :( his cat was soo cool... it used to chill with us). What kinda cat you lookin for... just a regular tabby, or you wanna get one of those hairless cats so that rudy can pretend to be Dr. evil with Mr biglesworth?


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